So who are the disabled reviewers?

Well my name is Marcus Gough Jones. I am 28 years old, I class myself as an entrepreneur wanting to make a difference to the lives of other disabled people as well as also creating a very successful business.

I suffer from a medical condition called Brittle Bones, now even though that sounds real bad it really is not as there are certain cases of people with brittle bones that if you touch them slightly too hard it will break their bones, now with me yes my bones are weak however they are not weak to the point where I can accidentally knock myself and break, I would actually be ok.

So having this condition has left me unable to walk as I have broken my legs so many time the bones are now to weak to walk on but this does not stop me as I get around just fine in my wheelchair.

I bet you are thinking so why come up with the disabled reviewers? well I recently purchased a car and if you are psychically disabled you will know yourself the process we have to go through to make sure the car is suitable for us by checking things such as boot space, transferring in and out, is it comfortable and also is it suitable to carry passengers once for instance your wheelchair is in the boot, well this took me days and I am not kidding you I was shattered once I had actually found one.

Once I had signed all the paper work and the car was being ordered I came home and thought to myself ok I wonder if there was some sort of video I could have watched that would have showed me if certain cars were suitable for me and my wheelchair, now there was your general car reviews which show you how many suitcases you could fit into a boot which I suppose does give you some sort of idea if you wheelchair would fit however they don’t show you how easy it is to get in and out etc.

This really did surprise me that no one had actually come up with the idea of reviewing these kinds of things but when I did actually sit down and think about it, it would need someone who is physically disabled to take on the reviews and really if someone is physically disabled they may not be well or able to the reviews, this gave me the idea that yes I am disabled and yes I do suffer with a great deal of pain every single day but I do class myself as more fortunate than other disabled people as I know there are far worse medical conditions than mine so I decided that I am going to take on this huge task and make that difference because it is going to help not just disabled people but also their carers if they one.

My first move was to contact local dealerships about the idea and at first I did not hear one thing back from any of them and then one day I decided ok this is going to work, I will make it my mission, so there was one local dealer which I had not yet tried simply because I was not sure if they would even think twice about but I thought well if you don’t ask you don’t get! So I googled the dealership and found a contact email address for the manager, so I typed my email like I had with all the rest and then clicked send and literally just as I was about to log out of my emails and shut down my computer my phone rang!

I answered the call to a gentleman called Mike Johnson from Griffin Mill Garages, Pontypridd, Mike was very interested in the idea and invited me down for a meeting asap.

So after this phone call I thought to myself ok there is no way I can manage this business alone as I know it will get very busy at some point and I need a business partner and again funny thing was just as I thought this my brother Cory who is also disabled came into my living room and instantly I asked him, “would you like to start a business with me reviewing things for disabled people” and he replied straight away “Yes”. This made me feel absolutely brilliant one because I got to run a business with my brother and two I have always wanted to have a family business.

So the day of the meeting with Griffin Mill Garages, Pontypridd came and omg was we excited and nervous because we both said that if we can nail this meeting and build a great relationship with Griffin Mill then we have not only got the ball rolling but we are also working with one of South Wales’ largest car dealerships as our first client.

I bet you wondering did we nail it? well yes we did and not only that but Griffin Mill were also very excited to see where this project could go in the future.

So now we had the task to find a camera and sound team, so I rallied around looking at all my contacts and all of a sudden we got introduced to SWT Media Productions and AUXTONE Sounds who are absolutely brilliant as they also agreed this was a fantastic project and they were willing to create a pilot video for free to trial the project and see if there was an actual need for this project.

The following week after the meeting with Griffin Mill loaned us a Nissan QashQai for the pilot video, this video was created within a week and we were all so excited to see the end product which was absolutely amazing once we had all viewed the video, the feeling I had when I first seen the video is too difficult to describe however the only way to describe it is that feeling when your a child and its christmas morning and you open that present you have been wishing you get and all of a sudden it is there in front of you.

We created all of our social media channels including Youtube, facebook, twitter and instagram and we then released the first video on to Youtube and then promoted this on all of our other social media channels and in the first 24 hours our page visits and youtube subscribers were increasing very quickly which was absolutely overwhelming as the comments etc we were receiving through facebook off other disabled people say that this project is going to make such a difference and will help them personally.

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Also below is the first pilot video of the Nissan QashQai, please take a look by clicking play.