Volkwagen Tiguan All Space 2019 In-depth Review

Feb 17, 2019 | Car Review

Apple Carplay


Full LED Headlights





Optional Extras


In-depth Review

Volkswagen Tiguan All Space 2019

Here we have the vw tiguan all space, The Volkswagen Tiguan All Space has a range of brilliant features, below are just a few of these features which are all standard on the 520D ⭐️Apple Carplay ⭐️Full LED headlights ⭐️SatNav ⭐️Bluetooth ⭐️Plus many more options are available as extras.

The disabled reviewers would highly recommend this Volkswagen however if you are a wheelchair user and struggle with transfers then we do not advise this SUV as it has a very high seating position which creates a very high and unsafe transfer however if you are able to stand and access higher vehicles then we believe that you will certainly love this as it provides a very comfortable and elegant ride.


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